Top Three Benefits Of Tooth Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening deals with increasing the length of individual’s exposed teeth to make the gummy smile appear more balanced. Many people are going for tooth crown lengthening  because of the number of benefits associated with it.

Here are some of the common health benefits that are often overlooked.

1.Prevents gum disease

This particular procedure offers a number of benefits for oral health by reducing the size of the gum pockets. Generally, people with gummy smiles face difficulty in keeping their gum pockets clean and free from infections. If not cleaned properly, a person may face certain long term complications, including:

  • Loss of natural teeth

  • Damage to teeth

  • Damage to bone structure

  • Health problems related to periodontal disease

2.Restore damaged teeth-

Crown lengthening helps in improving the health and function of the damaged teeth to great extent. In some situations, where the amount of tooth that is naturally exposed may not have the necessary strength to support crown. So, crown lengthening is the best solution for this issue.

Sometimes, teeth may have certain infections, fractures or other damages below the gum line. This way, the teeth may not sustain adequate support for prosthetics. Crown lengthening can temporarily help in exposing the damaged structure allowing more space to fix the crown.

3.Facilitate cosmetic procedures-

The crown lengthening also helps in preparing patients for other dentistry procedures. However, the procedure may not be possible if the tooth is covered by excess gum tissue. This problem arises when the tooth is damaged or is unable to support prosthetics. Therefore, crown lengthening is the best solution for full smile renovation.

From the aforementioned benefits, you must have got a fair idea about the importance of crown lengthening. But, it is very important for you to look for a certified and qualified dentist to get the best quality service.